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Washoe flying field map


This is our primary thermal contest flying site. There is a field that we have permission to use. on sanctioned contest/funfly days only! AThhe field is located on the West side of Washoe Valley, 2.6 miles south of Bower's Mansion on old US 395. These fields are for club contests only, and require the flyer to be an AMA member for insurance reasons. We will use the primary field for most events. The secondary fields (the West fields) will be used when the other is unavailable due to irrigation or some other reason.

Note: Flying here is restricted to contest days only.

Washoe flying field map


This flying site is open to the public and can be used at any time. The area is north of Bowers Mansion, just East of old 395 and just South of the area that Hang Gliders use as a landing zone. The dirt access road is off of old (Alt) 395. The area is fenced and can't be driven onto, but an open gate is close to the parking area.


This site is public use and is located on the West side of the South end of Washoe Lake, at the Bellevue Road exit (where there's an overpass that goes over 395). There is enough room to set up a winch and to fly small electric planes, and is also a good place to fly float planes.

S3 members use this site as a fun-fly area. Be mindful of others sharing the space (dog owners, jet-skiers, etc.).

Red Rock Slope map


The Premiere Slope Site for the Reno Area.
Access- From Reno take I-80 to HWY 395 north past Stead Blvd. The next exit is Red Rock Road. Take Red Rock Road north or northeast (right at the stop sign) along the mountain ridge (a dry lake will be on your right). You will enter a housing division and go over a few hills in the road. At the bottom of a hill you will see a dirt road on your left with a wooden sign for Silver Knolls Park. Turn left on the road, and stay left. You will be heading toward the green water tank on your left. Just before you hit Silver Knolls Park on your right there will be a dirt road along side the fenced area that heads toward the top of the mountain. Take this dirt road until the "T" intersection, then turn right. The dirt road will wind along the side of the hill parallel to the ridge.Stay straight on this road, heading North. You will go up and over and around a hill. As you get nearer the site, the road will have ruts from water runoff, so straddle these with you car. When you hit the end there is a place to park, assemble any gliders, and you will see some streamers or flags from hang glider wind markers. The road is easily traveled by small car with little clearance, but be careful.

Flying at Red Rock- The ridge faces nearly due west with a very large dropoff (approx. 500 ft). You can walk down to retrieve a plane. When the wind blows you can't keep airplanes down. The air is smooth. You can fly combat very close to you, or explore over 1 mile from you. There is lift all along the ridge to the left. The ridge extends about 2 miles north-south. Planes are visible easily. Care must be taken not to get into the downdrafts in back of the hill when landing. Landing is to the left toward a small hill nearby. Landing in the saddle is best, but keep the nose down, it is a long walk through the sagebrush to get a plane which lands downwind. We have not tried Dynamic Soaring here but the best spot may be just over the parked cars and asembly area. Take care.

For current wind and weather conditions in North Reno click here

Castle Peak topo map CASTLE PEAK SLOPING

This site is located at Donner Summit on I80 about 40 miles west of Reno. High elevation and stunning views.

Click here for more info about Castle Peak sloping.

Reno Radio Control Club


The Reno Radio Control Power club has a field north of Reno. It is easily accessible from either HWY 395, or from the Pyramid Lake highway. I have added a map to this site as a courtesy. An AMA license is required to fly at the field.

The High Sierra RC Club in Carson City has an official City Park flying site east of Carson City on Hwy 50. It obtained with the help of the AMA. Many powered RC and free flight events are held there each year.

Directions: From Carson City take Hwy 50 east. As you leave Carson City Hwy 50 goes uphill. As you go uphill, pay careful attention to the sign on your right indicating the turn off to the Carson City Dump. Take this road south of Hwy 50 less than 1/4 mile, and as the road turns west there is a dirt road going east. Take this dirt road directly to the flying field. You can see the field at the bend.

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